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Our Ministries


 Church Planting Ministry :

We are working among the nomadic tribes , Kiln labourers and Hindu Tribes  through teaching and preaching.

Church Planting Ministry

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Bible Training Classes :

We arrange Classes for Bible Training at different places on weekly basis for those who are unable to take admission in Bible Colleges.

Praise be to the Lord who has granted us vision for working in the filed.Through DTC. We are preparing the people for service. We  equip the people to make them for harvesting. On weekly  basis this program is being run for the last ten years.Please do pray for our DTC Centers.

Bible Training Classes

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Christmas meeting for orphan and widows :

BMS Bethel Church arranges a Christmas  meeting for widows and orphans every year.

Our team raise  fund  from national & international believers and helps them by distributing clothes,toys and meal.

For this pure work we need ur involvement.Please open your heart for the Orphans and Widows annually.


Outreach Ministry :

We are running schools for Gypsy and Kiln laborers’ children /orphans under the free education system. Also they are being given religious education  through Sunday School Service/ Bible Training Program.

Outreach Ministry

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Widow & Orphan Care Ministry:

On compassionate grounds, we have established Orphanages at Raiwind ,  Jaranwala & Habibabad  .We  provide the orphans with educational assistance and other needs of life. We distribute gifts in the form of cash, clothes ,food  as God provides us.


BMS Bethel Church Flood Relief  Service Kasur 2010 to 2012.

In the year of 2011 we thank God we worked in the villages like Sehjra,Maste Ki, Klunjer, Hakoo Wala, Bhikki Wind, kamal Pura, Chanda Singh Wala and Dhup Sarri.


God provided us and By His Grace we delivered crockery, utensils, eatables, goats, seed fertilizer, cots among the flood affected people in kasur area.

House project.

In  2011 we provided shelter to the people who had no houses. By the water of flood the houses of these people were damaged.

REHABILITATION Recent flood hit many families and their houses need to be built. We want to rehabilitate them and shall continue to those who need clothes, shelter etc.

Evangelism Ministry :

Under the arrangements of B.M.S. Bethel Church ,Every week evangelism campaigns  are arranged.The people from different cities and ministries participate in these campaigns for preaching  among the nations. In this way, we reach the  unreached and distribute Evangelistic material among them.

Jail Ministry :

We visit the Christian prisoners for worship service  every week at kasur jail.

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