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BMS Bethel Church Flood Relief Service 2014

In the  first week of September  the heavy rain continued for seven  days and nights . Over flown water of Indian rivers has been diverted to Pakistan so there is a flood havoc in our country these days.As a result of  this flood water many cities and villages were badly affected .Five to seven feet water is all around and rescue teams are working for the flood victims. Actually, India released river water toward Pakistan. The rivers of our country overflowed and at present there is huge flow of water is in the rivers. Mud houses, cattle and people are being affected badly this flood water. Thousands of people have become victim to the flood. Christians are a part of the affected community. Property of these people has been damaged and they need to be given relief for this disaster.

River Jhelum &  Chenab  is another major river in Pakistan. It is longest of the rivers that give Punjab (meaning “Fiver River”) originates in west side of Tibet in the Kailas mountain ranges. It Flows from Northwest and West – South West through Himalayan valleys; it crosses Himachal Pardesh (India) and come into the Punjab plains in Hoshiarpur district, Punjab state. Rivers is also known as the Red River.


Houses of the people with their belongings  have been completely damaged.Many people are sitting  in tents under the open sky.In Narowal area the crop of Peddy ( Rice ) and vegetables have been damaged and their cattle sank in the flood waters. Many people have been badly affected by this flood havoc. Still flood waters are going on and damaging towards South of  Pakistan.

Villages of district Sialkot & Narowal has been inundated.

Water of flood entered a colony of Wazirabad

Waves of river Chenab have flooded and damaged many villages

Houses surrounded by flood waters.

A village surrounded by flood waters

A village surrounded by flood waters


Bethel Relief Team visited the flood  affected areas  today and worked there. We  went to the Northern Lahore side i.e. Feroze Wala, and villages of district Narowal i.e.

Daate Wal,

Mohan Wali, 

hindi Waal, 

Loharan wal, 


Chhanga ,


Fatoo Wala ,

Wale Kay  and Udhu ki Munda. 

In the district Sheikhu PuraLoharran Wala and Mureed Key.

Relief team of our church is in Bhindi Wal village

Pastor Saleem standing in front of refuge in the tents

Bethel Relief is surveying flood area in the district narowal.

Relief team of our church is in the refuge tents for visit the flood victims

Bethel Relief team is proceeding to the flood affected area of Narowal

Pastor Saleem & Pastor Burnabas is consoling the affected family whose house has been damaged by the flood waters.

Widow Jeeto Bibi sitting in her damaged house by the flood 2014

Church buidling in Narowal has been affected.Its walls haev been cracksd and foundation is steep down.

Pastor Saleem prays for an old women whose all belongings have damaged and she is i n the state of COMA

Flood victims have taken refuge in the tents


Relief team of our church distributed grams, bread and drinking water with our limited sources.

Basharat Masih and his family standing in their house damaged by flood havoc.


Pastor Saleem is giving bread and drinking water to a flood victim widow Jeeto Bibi.


Members of our Flood relief team Burnabas and Imran are helping the people in Loharan wala ( Camp for relief service)

Pastor Saleem Raza distributing bread and bottle of drinking water to the flood affected kids.

Pray for the flood victims as well for bethel relief team working efficiently in this difficult situation. Please open your hearts for these people and send love gift for these brethren….

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