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Be a Partner

You can become a partner of BMS Bethel Church of Pakistan

You can become a partner of BMS Bethel Church of Pakistan and an integral part of work of the church. Your generous donation will help us to continue the works done by Bethel Church of Pakistan.100% of your contribution will be sent direct to the Projects and will reach the hands of the needy.

1.Sponsor an orphan by giving $ 50 monthly

Currently, we are serving 75 orphans at 03 orphanages.You can support an orphan to be housed in under caring circumstances. It helps for schooling of the kids. Your decision to sponsor the orphans will make a big difference in their lives.

2.Widow Sponsorship for just $ 60 a monthly

Currently, we are helping 50 widows on regular basis every year. It costs $ 60 to help each one per month. We want to help the widows on monthly basis with your support and love gift. If someone wants to support them one time contribution will $ 100 per year.

3.To establish dispensaries in remote areas. ( $ 500  a monthly )

You can help us to continue our programme for arranging free medical camps among the  indigenous groups of the remote, tribal and other areas. The need for these medical camps is so great that we wish to be able to continue this work monthly. The funds are needed for supplying materials, medicines, doctors and transportation. Each Camp requires $500 and we assume that it can be done. You can help all this to happen by just becoming the part of this project of our Church.

4. Relief

Specially, in times of persecution and  disasters ,our church wants to help the victims with your help.Under theses cirumstances,these families deserve your attention & cooperation. Being one in the body of Christ we must contribute to this generous work.

5.Pastor Sponsorship for just $ 100 a monthly.

Our pastors have been working for many years without receiving support. Please encourage them so that they may not lose heart. Although they are still serving yet they should be supported to win more souls for Christ.Please encourage our Pastors,they need your love and your support.Please open your heart and encourage our Pastors.


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